Belchford & Fulletby Neighbourhood Development Plan Regulation 15 Consultation

Preparation of our Neighbourhood Development Plan is now complete.  It was submitted to East Lindsey District Council in March 2024 for a statutory Regulation 15 Consultation which involves an assessment of the plan by an external examiner jointly appointed by ELDC and Belchford & Fulletby Parish Council. The documents submitted are:

  1. The finalised Neighbourhood Development Plan incorporating all Regulation 14 feedback.
  2. A Basic Conditions Statement which outlines how our NDP complies with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.
  3. A Consultation Statement which provides evidence that all residents and businesses in Belchford and Fulletby Parishes, together with statutory consultees, were consulted during the preparation of our NDP and that their feedback was incorporated into the plan.
These three documents are available here:
NDP Consultation Document
NDP Basic Conditions Statement
NDP Consultation Statement

Who Are We?

We are a subcommittee of Belchford and Fulletby Parish Council, comprising of 7 councillors

  • Paul Morris
  • Ian Goodall
  • Jill Newby
  • John Smith
  • Kris Skalka
  • Nancy Benilde
  • Peter Thompson

To help get a wide range of views and thoughts from the villages we have 4 non-councillor consultees to run our ideas past.

  • Paul Barnes
  • Mike Rizan
  • Linda Thomson
  • Dick Black

The Overall Concept

Belchford & Fulletby Parish Council shall, through the Neighbourhood Development Plan, work with Partners across several Themes to promote Social and Environmental Goods, that will deliver Community Wellbeing.

Get In Touch!

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