Neighbourhood Development (NDP) Plan Consultation

The formulation of the NDP takes into account the valuable input received through our exhibition and workshop attendees throughout a span of two years. Additionally, we acknowledge the significant efforts made by the community representatives who formed our steering group during this timeframe.  

Take a moment to read the positive vision of the NDP, which identifies local needs, and protects the local environment and its assets.

Neighbourhood Development Consultation Version Link

NDP v6 Cover

NDP Regulation 14 Consultation Form

This form provides an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and opinions on the consultation Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Please complete the form below to do so.

Regulation 14 Consultation Form Link

Reg 14 form

Who Are We?

We are a subcommittee of Belchford and Fulletby Parish Council, comprising of 5 councillors

  • Paul Morris
  • Ian Goodall
  • Jill Newby
  • John Smith
  • Kris Skalka

To help get a wide range of views and thoughts from the villages we have 6 non-councillor consultees to run our ideas past at every stage.

  • Paul Barnes
  • Nancy Benilde
  • Mike Rizan
  • Linda Thomson
  • Dick Black
  • Peter Thompson

The Overall Concept

Belchford & Fulletby Parish Council shall, through the Neighbourhood Development Plan, work with Partners across several Themes to promote Social and Environmental Goods, that will deliver Community Wellbeing.

Get In Touch!

Feel free to use the contact form below if you have any questions about the project.